Sport Memorabilia Collectors Software

Use for your:

  • Baseballs
  • Basketballs
  • Jerseys
  • Tickets
  • Bats
  • Golf Balls
  • Plaques
  • Trophies
  • Pennants
  • Fishing Lures
  • Posters
  • and More !


Great for any sport !

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • Soccer
  • Racing
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Boating
  • and More !


Visual PackRat Plus Sports Memorabilia Collectors Edition:

  • Manages
  • Organizes
  • Catalogs
  • Creates Sold Lists
  • Prints Reports
  • E-Mails

your Sports Memorabilia  items!


Visual PackRat Plus Version 2.0 Sports Memorabilia Collectors Edition is a Windows based software program that helps Sports Memorabilia collectors organize, categorize, track, and keep an inventory of their collection with ease. Sports Memorabilia collectors will be able to generate many different reports of their collection.  You will be able to print out wish lists, selling lists, sold lists, profit/loss statements, list reports, and more.   Visual PackRat Plus Version 2.0 also has a built in web-browser. This can be used to surf your favorite websites and also retrieve valuable information pertaining to your collection. The software provides hyperlinks that will automatically take you to your favorite spots on the web.  It also has a brand new e-mail function that will let you e-mail your model train items.  This works great for sharing your Sports Memorabilia collection with others on the web.  You also get 4 powerful bonus items with brand new features at no extra charge.
Data Entry 
Visual PackRat Plus Sports Memorabilia Software comes to you in a ready to use format. The software is equipped with predefined fields that directly relates to your Sports Memorabilia collection. This makes entering data about your Sports Memorabilia collection a breeze. The software also includes 10 custom fields that you may design. There is also a notes box where any other information can be added about your item. The software contains drop down box fields that remembers the information you entered. This will reduce the time it takes to create new records.  The software also comes with a feature that allows you to create a quick entry or detailed entry.  Use the quick entry to make a quick record without all the details.  This will save you time when entering in your information.  You may also add up to 7 images for each item.


Detailed Record


Enlarge Image


Quick Record


Keep Track of Purchasing Information
Visual PackRat Plus Software provides many useful purchasing fields that will help you keep track of purchasing information for each collection item. Fields consist of:
  • Purchase Price
  • Seller
  • Seller's E-mail
  • Value of the item

The selling page also has 2 hyperlinks you can use to link to receipts, certificates of authenticity, warranty documentation, saved auction pages, and more. You can also use the hyperlinks to link to an online appraisal site without leaving the software program. This will help you determine the actual true value of your model train items. 

Purchase Page


Selling your items
Wouldn't it be great to show other collectors the items you have and wish to sell. Visual PackRat Plus lets you easily keep track of the items you wish to sell. Find the item you want to sell and simply click the "Sell this item" Check Box on the item details main page. After you select all the items you wish to sell, have the software generate a report of your sell items. You can either view the sell list report on your computer or print it out and take it with you. There is also a hyperlink on the sell list page. Use the hyperlink to link to an online auction site where you're selling the item. The software contains a web browser that will let you surf the web without leaving the software. Use the web browser to visit an online auction site in which you can sell or purchase items. Now click on the "Set Web Address" button to have the website page saved within the hyperlink box. Next time you want to visit your online auction site or selling site, simply click the "GO" button next to the hyperlink and it will automatically take you there. The software's built in web browser works great for copying and pasting your items information into the auction submit form. This will save you time when submitting your item(s) to online auction sites.

Web Browser


Track the items you sold
Ok, so now you sold a few items.  Wouldn't it be nice to keep track of the items you have sold.  No Problem!  You can keep track of the person you sold the item to, their e-mail, the sold location and even the auction number.  This works great for keeping track of the items you have sold.  You can also generate sold list reports.  These reports act as a profit and loss statement because it will tell you exactly how much money you made selling your items.  It will calculate the profit of each item automatically by subtracting the sold price from the purchase price.  You can also run the report for any time frame.  Want to see what your profit was for last week, last month, or maybe last year. You got it!
Easily keep track of the items you have sold.  This works great for keeping track of the items you have sold at online auction sites.
Create Wish Lists
So you're pretty happy with your collection, but you still need a few items to complete it. No problem. Next time you visit a store, flea market, collectors show, or online auction website, have a list of items that you wish to purchase. Visual PackRat Plus easily keeps track of the items you wish to purchase. Simply click the "Wish List" check box on the item details main page. Now you can generate a list report displaying all of the items you wish to purchase. Print out the report and take it with you next time you go shopping. The report will contain the item, pricing information, and a picture of the item, if you have one inserted. Software provides 2 hyperlinks for each wish list record. Use the hyperlinks to keep track of the items your interested in purchasing on the web. Keep track of auction items, items for sale on websites, and more without leaving the Visual PackRat Plus program. Use the software's very own web browser to surf the net for items you wish to purchase. After you find an item your interested in on the web, click the hyperlink "Set Web Address" button. The hyperlink will now be saved. Now if you want to check on the item in the future to see if the price has changed or it to see if it has sold or not, simply click the go button and let the software take you there. Become one smart shopper!



Link to your favorite online shopping sites with ease!

3 Easy Steps To Set a Link

  1. Click "The Web" button and find your favorite website
  2. Now click the "Set Web Address" button next to a hyperlink field. Now your web link will be saved.
  3. Click the "GO" button next time you want to visit that site
Built in Web-Browser

You can now surf the web within the Visual PackRat Plus Software.  
Use the Visual PackRat Plus web browser for:

  • Finding Items for Sale
  • Finding Appraised Values
  • Selling your Items
  • Retrieving more information about your collection


Visit Shopping Sites


                  and more:

  • News
  • Online Banking
  • E-mail
  • Weather Reports
  • and More!


Visit News Sites


Also click    to enlarge your browser to full screen.
Create Links to your favorite sites

The software includes a "My Links" page that will let you create 1000's of links to your favorite places on the web. Link to your favorite auction sites, appraisal sites, news sites, online banking sites, and more!  Sort your web URL's/addresses or web descriptions in alphabetical order by clicking the heading!

Now visit your favorite websites with just a double mouse click!


E-mail your items
So now you have a lot of items entered into the software.  Wouldn't it be nice to share your items with potential buyers or Sports Memorabilia enthusiasts.  Your solution is here.  Now you can e-mail pictures and notes of your items.  The e-mail page will even show you a picture of the person your sending it to, if you have a picture inserted in their phone/address record.  The grid with the e-mail addresses and names is from the software's very own Phone/Address Book which is included.  It incorporates the names from the phone/address book into the e-mail grid.   Now you can find your contacts e-mail address with ease.  To insert an e-mail from the grid to the "E-Mail To" Box, simply double click the the name or e-mail address in the grid.  The software even sorts the last names in alphabetical order making it easier for you to find the persons e-mail address.   Just a note, you need to have an account established with Outlook or Outlook Express to run the e-mail function.  If you don't have an account, but have Outlook/Outlook Express, the help file will explain how to set up an account in your Outlook.  You might have to contact your ISP for your incoming POP and outgoing SMTP.


E-Mail Page



Produce and Generate Awesome Reports
Version 2.0 allows you to produce reports for each item or multiple items. Here are the different types of reports the software will produce:
  • Produce a report of a single item within your collection. The report will list all of the information about your item and also list up to 3 pictures of the item on the report.
  • Produce a report for multiple items or all items in your collection. Now you can print out a report that will list all of your items with the name of the item, value of the item, profit made from the item, and a thumbnail image next to the item if you desire. Don't have pictures of your collectibles. No problem. Produce great looking reports without images. There are many different reporting types available. You can print reports by categories, values, and more. The category report will list all of your engines together, then all the buildings together, etc.  It will also give you grand totals for each category.  Also print out your selling lists and wish lists.
  • Print out your reports and store them in a 3-ring binder.  This works great for showing your collection to your insurance agent, club members, friends, and relatives.


    Print out many different types of reports

    • Category Reports

    • Keyword Reports

    • Value Reports

    • Wish List Reports

    • Selling Items Reports

    • Sold Items Reports

    • Detailed Reports




Grand total value
Every time you enter the collection organizer part of the the program, there will be a current collection value box that will display the amount your entire collection is worth. Enter as many new records as you wish and the software will automatically calculate the grand total value for you.

New Interface
Version 2.0 comes to you in a new easier to use layout. You will be able to navigate through the software with ease. Almost every page displays a picture of your item along with the description below it.  This will prevent you from getting lost.  You may also change the record on almost every page.  Use the arrows to view the previous or next record. 


You still get the bonus items
New Improved Digital Photo Album
Picture Lookup


Enlarge Image


  • Organizes pictures taken from your digital camera
  • Great for displaying and organizing digital images
  • Use categories and sub-categories to organize your digital pictures
  • View 8 quality thumbnail pictures at once
  • Add your own personal notes to each picture
  • Organizes pictures taken from your regular camera when put on a cd-rom
  • Never again search through folders looking for that particular picture



  • Add annotations to your pictures.  The text will be displayed with the picture during the slide show.
  • Use the slide show to display your pictures.  The software now has a large slide show feature that will show your pictures in a very large format.

Too many features to list them all !!!




New Phone/Address Book
Phone Entry


Phone Web


  • Use for keeping records of your contacts.  
  • Each record will display the persons picture if inserted
  • Search your phone numbers fast and easily
  • New fields such as interest, e-mail, website, and cell phone were added
  • If your contact has a website, type it into the website field.  When you click the button, you will be automatically taken to their website.
  • Your contact information will also be displayed in the grid on the e-mail page.  

Awesome Home Inventory Manager

  • Keep an inventory of your household and personal valuables.
  • Generate and print many different reports including wish lists, inventory lists, sold lists, and detailed reports.
  • The home inventory also has its very own web browser.
  • E-mail your home inventory items.
  • Search your records by keywords
  • Includes a "My Links" page for your custom links.

Too many features to list them all !!!





  • Keeps track of your important dates
  • Use to schedule your appointments
  • Keeps track of to do lists and finished tasks
  • Keeps track of any personal events in your life


  • Leave notes for yourself
  • Use as a vertical calendar
  • Print out your notes and ideas
  • You can also specify a date range


System Requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, XP
  • 20 MB Disk Space
  • CD-ROM
  • Recommended Screen Resolution 800x600 or higher
  • Internet Explorer for web capabilities (optional)
  • Outlook/Outlook Express for e-mail capabilities (optional)


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Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product, please return it within 14 days for a full refund.

What you get and Shipping 

Visual PackRat Plus Sports Memorabilia Collectors Edition CD-Rom Version 2.0

Only $29.95!
  • Sports Memorabilia Collection Manager
  • Digital Photo Album
  • Phone/Address Book
  • Journal
  • Home Inventory Manager

Everything on this page is included!

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